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Most of us spend a lot of time in the bathroom and as such, bathroom should be such that it helps you feel relaxed. It should provide the right environment to easily get ready for work in the morning, or provide a soothing soak when you return after a long hectic day. But, if the bathroom makes you feel uncomfortable then a well-planned renovation will help to improve things.

Here, we will look at common signs that indicate that it is time to renovate your bathroom.

Common Signs That Indicate Your Bathroom Needs a Renovation

Whether the bathroom looks dark and dingy, its unsafe, or completely non-functional, there are several reasons in favor of a bathroom renovation.

Wear and Tear

Plumbing in the bathroom degrades over time due to wear and tear. Plumbing issues such as worn out or clogged pipes can result in major water damage in your home and result in other associated problems such as mold growth. As such, if there are plumbing issues then it is better to renovate your bathroom so that those issues can be fixed.

Breaks and Leaks

Crumbling ceiling, leaking faucets, cracking and worn out tiles are all clear signs that your bathroom requires renovation. Being the wettest sections in the house, any breaks or leaks in the bathroom create serious safety hazards and need to be fixed immediately.

Lack of Storage

If you find that there is not much space in the bathroom to store essential bathroom necessities then it will indicate that your bathroom needs a renovation. Well planned renovation carried out by an experienced home renovator will create required storage space for you to utilize.

Family Expansion

If there are plans to have more kids or a family member recently moved in, you may feel the need to renovate or expand your bathroom to meet those needs. Other instances where renovation will be necessary include addition of slip rails and similar other safety measures when a family member requires the same.

Inconvenient Layout

If the bathroom layout is inconvenient or illogical then it will be quite frustrating and necessitate a renovation. Although a renovation will not change the dimensions of the bathroom, what it will do is properly re-arrange and restructure most of the details in the bathroom to create extra space and enhance visual appeal of the space.

An experienced home renovator will be able to help you completely transform your bathroom.

Bathroom Looks Outdated

Outdated designs and colors will make your bathroom appear dull and drab. A renovation will easily spruce things up. For instance, use of modern fixtures will help to improve aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

Improve Resale Value of Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home in North Vancouver within a few years then bathroom renovation will improve resale value of your home. A buyer will certainly appreciate presence of a stylish and well planned bathroom in his or her new home.

Bathroom is Dark and Dingy

Going for a renovation is a good idea when the bathroom appears dark and dingy. Renovation that includes upgrade of bathroom lighting will be a cost effective way of improving the ambiance in the bathroom. Moreover, if the bathroom is quite old, it will be advisable to check the wiring as well during the renovation.


As we can see, there are many instances where renovating your bathroom will become necessary. You need to get in touch with experienced home renovation professionals in North Vancouver since they will help you understand the type of renovation your bathroom will require to improve its functionality and enhance its visual appeal.