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Many consider summer as the right time for home renovations since in summer months they do not have to worry about rain and snow. In addition, day time hours increase and there are right weather conditions to carry out needed renovation work.

Let us go through some of the renovation tasks that you should carry out in summer to make your home a better place to live and also to increase its value.

Popular Summer House Renovation Trends

Addition of New Deck

Summer is the right time to spend greater amount of time outdoors and a new deck will help you fully utilize the backyard. Apart from making better use of the backyard, you will be creating additional living space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Knowledgeable home renovation experts in North Vancouver have needed competency to setup the deck with relative ease so that you can enjoy barbecue parties in the evening with family members.

Siding Renovations

Replacing the siding will become necessary if you notice that it is flaking and peeling at various places. Such old siding will develop rot and also facilitate mold growth. In such condition, it will be difficult for the paint to adhere to the siding.

Warm summer months will be conducive for re-siding job and all you will have to do is choose the appropriate style so that home renovators can transform the siding to further enhance curb appeal of your home.

Replacement of Roof

If there are missing shingle in the roof or in case it is leaking then weather in summer months is most appropriate for replacement of the roof. Summer heat helps new shingles create a weather tight seal with the roof.

All you will have to do is appoint competent home renovators and they will easily manage all the aspects associated with roof replacement, right from assessment to acquiring required permits, and finishing the installation within set deadline.

Installation of New Windows

If you find that the windows are worn out, damaged, or drafty, then replacing them would be the right thing to do. New windows tend to provide greater energy efficiency, which will help you bring down your energy bills.

For instance, if you install dual pane windows that are known for their energy efficiency, your energy cost will go down and these windows will also bring down outside noise.

Fresh Paint

Paint gives your home a fresh look, enhances curb appeal, and helps in increasing its value. The home will get an updated look and feel after receiving a fresh coat. By using warm and inviting colors you will be able to completely transform how your home appears.


From above details it is quite clear that if you are planning home renovation work then summer months with ideal weather provide right conditions to carry out such work.

Hiring experienced home renovators in North Vancouver for such work is quite important and with several years of experience, we are the most suitable home renovation company to get in touch with.

All you will have to do is contact us on our customer support number and our team will visit your home, understand your requirement, and start transformation of your home.