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In custom home building, the process starts with a meeting between you and the custom home builder to discuss your vision for your dream home. The custom builder will then determine what type of property is suitable based on this initial consultation. Once a property has been selected, an architect will be hired to design your custom home from start to finish.

The custom home builder’s role in the construction process varies depending on which stage of custom build they are overseeing. If it is at the design phase, they may liaise with contractors and subcontractors during plan check-ins or provide input when selecting materials. They can also monitor progress if their responsibility lies in managing construction management services by ensuring that deadlines are met and that quality standards are being upheld throughout the custom home building process.

During this custom build, the custom home builder will provide guidance to ensure that your dream house is built within budget and can even manage all of these tasks for you if desired.

When construction on your custom built house is complete, it’s time to move in! If there are any issues with your new abode after moving in, be sure to contact them right away so they can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

We hope this blog post has provided some insight into what a custom builder does and why their role is crucial during every step of the custom home building process. We at Lower Coast Building Group believe our team provides quality service from inception through completion ensuring create homes people love! Our custom home services offer custom design, custom build and project management.

We are available to answer any additional questions you may have about what a custom house builder does or the custom home building process in general so don’t hesitate to contact us today! Thanks for reading our blog post on What A Custom Home Builder Does.