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The general contractor is a generalist, meaning they have a wide range of skills and knowledge that can be applied to different situations. They are usually hired by homeowners or construction companies to oversee the general building process for a home renovation or new custom homes. This blog post will take you through an average day in the life of a North Vancouver general contractor!

Home Renovations

A general contractor might begin their day by meeting with the homeowner to discuss what renovations they want done. They will ask for measurements of different areas of the home, as well as photos of any issues that need fixing or updates. This helps them determine how long it’ll take and allows them to give an accurate estimate on cost. The general contractor then meets with subcontractors who are experts in different aspects; these include electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc… Any necessary permits must be acquired before beginning construction work on a house renovation project. If there aren’t any changes being made outside the home (like adding a deck), no permit is needed! Otherwise though, one needs to meet certain requirements your city/town hall in order to acquire the necessary permits.

Bathroom Renovations

A general contractor might start their day with a homeowner discussing a bathroom renovation, what they want done and how long it’ll take. They will ask for measurements, photos of any existing issues etc., this helps them determine how much time is needed and budgets accordingly! When drawing up plans, all aspects must be considered; this includes electrical, plumbing and structural work as well as general appearance (tile design etc…) Once everything has been planned out and agreed upon, construction can begin! If there aren’t any changes being made outside the home (like adding an addition).

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are hot in North Vancouver right now. A general contractor builds or adds custom kitchens for homeowners. What makes the best kitchen renovation? Working with a general contractor who has years of experience in modifying kitchens.

Custom Homes

Brand new custom homes are also becoming more and more popular in North Vancouver. A general contractor builds or adds new rooms to existing properties, with the homeowner’s guidance of course! A general contractor has built countless houses over their career; they know what works best for you as a home owner/renovator.  A custom home is also called a new build home, and at Lower Coast, we’re an experienced custom home builder.

When working on any type of home renovation or construction project, general contractors take on all aspects of the job. They might deal with anything from budgeting and scheduling to ensuring that permits are acquired in a timely fashion!

Work with Lower Coast Building Group, voted the best general contractor and construction company in North Vancouver specializing in home renovations and custom built homes.