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As the cold season gets over, everyone of us looks forward to enjoying the outdoors. However, you need to spend some time and do certain home renovations to remodel available space. These renovations help to make your home more relaxing and comfortable for the upcoming warmer months.

Spring is the right time to focus on home renovations as the weather is more conducive, warmer, and during this time, the sun starts shining brightly. You get the opportunity to rejuvenate your property after a cold and long winter.

Let us look at few of the important renovations that you can should carry out in spring.

Top 9 Spring Home Renovations

Renovate the Basement

If you notice that the winter cold has taken its toll on basement, then renovating it would be the right thing to do.

Irrespective of whether the goal is to utilize the basement as a storage space or transform it into a living space, things like insulation, waterproofing, and right ventilation will help in making the place usable and in addition, improve home’s value.

Enhance Outdoor Space

If you are planning to renovate outdoor area then spring is the right time to take up the project. For instance, you can perform installation of better insulation or set up new furniture in your patio.

Other things to discuss with your contractor will include how to make upgrades for improving look and feel of deck or adding a new fence.

Take Up Renovation of Doors and Windows

Cold weather will cause the caulking to shrink or crack at several points on the windows and doors. In such situation, renovation of doors and windows will be necessary to prevent loss of air conditioning during summer months.

Tasks that contractor needs to perform should include making sure doors and windows seal properly and caulking is replaced. If required, you may well get a new front door for enhancing appeal of your home.

Improve Your Kitchen

Entertaining guests will be a lot more enjoyable in spring. As such, you would like to renovate your kitchen, which will be a focal point in the home to spend quality time with your family members and guests.

By getting in touch with an experienced North Vancouver contractor you will be able to understand the options open for you. For instance, you can alter the tiles, add new countertops, add more storage, and improve style as well as functionality of available space.

Add More Storage

Spring cleaning is one of the common activities for most homeowners. During this time, you should also look for options to better organize things in your home by adding more storage space wherever possible.

For example, you can upgrade kitchen cabinets, set up more shelves in laundry room or living area, and utilize other customized storage options as suggested by a North Vancouver contractor.

Usher in Vibrancy

If you want to add new wall papers, a new hue, or paint the walls in bright colors, then spring is the right time to do so. You will be able to brighten up the interiors and usher in vibrancy using different colors.

Focus on Driveway Resurfacing

It is likely that harsh winter conditions will damage your asphalt driveway, making it necessary to resurface, seal coat, or repave it. It may also become important to re-do the driveway if resurfacing will not give desired results.

Do Some Landscaping

Growing season starts from spring and if you want to plant new trees and bushes, then you need to do it in spring. In addition, such landscaping will help to enhance curb appeal of your home. Spring is also an ideal time to take up other projects such as decking installation or refinishing existing deck to get them ready before start of summer months.

Curb appeal will be further enhanced with a little bit of lawn maintenance, which would include edging along driveway, weeding, mowing, trimming of hedges, raking of leaves, etc.

Expedite the Transformation

Want to change the basement into a living room from storage space or transform attic to create an additional living room? If so, then dry walling is a task that can be done properly when the weather is right.

Warmer temperatures in spring provide optimal conditions and let you keep the windows open for longer duration so that drying process of drywall compound can be expedited.


As we can see, spring is the ideal time to renovate your home. If you are looking for an experienced North Vancouver contractor then you need to get in touch with us. Our experts have vast experience and would be able to suggest renovations that would be right for your home.