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If you are planning home renovations or to build a custom home then you might be wondering when would be the right season to start the project. Experts believe that spring is the right time to start any custom home building projects. Let us look at the reasons why spring is considered to be the right time for building a new home.

Why spring is the right time for custom home building?

Conducive Weather

Cool and dry conditions are ideal for home building work. In winter, the frigid cold and frozen ground can create problems (particularly when a North Vancouver contractor is laying the foundation), while rains can halt progress on any building project. Similarly, it is too hot in summer and can hamper productivity. In addition, days start getting longer during spring, meaning more time can be spent on construction work. Thus, spring provides the ideal weather conditions to start a new home building project.

Ice and snow in winter or summer storms as well as heat waves can turn into roadblocks for your project. Likewise, high humidity conditions in summer months will result in longer curing and drying times for construction materials such as paint and concrete. Such higher heat and moisture conditions can increase probability of mold growth and warping of wood, resulting in further delays.

When work is started in spring, there will be enough time to complete exteriors, framing, and foundation of the home before hot weather of summer months makes things difficult. When these tasks are completed in spring, summer months can be utilized for completion of interior elements of your custom home.

Better Time Utilization

If your custom home building project involves complexities or is quite large, then initiating it in spring will give you good amount of time to work on it. Your North Vancouver contractor will be able to build all through spring and even in summer as well as fall, in case required. Delays can happen in any project and having enough time to accommodate them will certainly provide better results.

You will also be able to reduce wastage of time by starting construction work in spring since winter months can be used for planning the construction. You can work on the floor plans with your North Vancouver contractor as well as finalize the lot. Thus, with all the plans in place, work can be started by spring.

Exciting Deals

There are many dealers and showrooms that offer exciting deals and offers as winter months end to clear off stock left from previous season.

Thus, if you start your custom home building project in the spring months then you may well grab exciting deals and offers on construction supplies that will be required for the project.


As we can see, there are several good reasons in favor of starting your custom home building project in spring. You will be able to spend more time on the project, achieve significant cost savings, and get things done in most favorable weather conditions.