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There’s a chill in the air and snow on the ground. It’s North Vancouver – if you’re renovating your home this winter, what are some of the trends that you should consider? We have compiled a list of nine home renovation trends that we think will be popular this year.

1) Bathroom renovations: More people want to spend money on their bathrooms because they see them as an investment instead of just another room in the house. High-end fixtures like marble countertops or heated floors can help create a spa-like feel for your home.

2) Floor plans: Homeowners are now designing floor plans based on how much space they need rather than how much space is available. This trend is mainly found in larger homes where homeowners are wanting to create separate public and private spaces.

3) Decorating: You can add lots of home renovations touches to your home by updating the décor. Consider painting some of the rooms in a bright color or use wallpaper on some walls if you want to make an impact while staying within budget.

4) Renovations for energy efficiency: Homes that are more efficient with their heating and cooling costs will see an increase in value when it is time to sell, which means homeowners should consider green renovations before listing their home during winter months. Installing things like insulation and adding new windows can help lower utility bills without sacrificing style too much.

5) Multi-purpose storage spaces: Whether its cabinetry built under staircases or shelving between studs, multi-purpose building materials have become very popular home renovation ideas. These spaces can be used for storage, display or simply to make the most of existing space in a home.

6) Custom tiles: If you are looking for home renovations that will leave an impression, consider custom tile work around your fireplace, backsplashes behind kitchen counters and even tiling any walk-in showers you might have. With so many shapes and colors available these days it’s easy to create unique designs with just about anything – including porcelain!

7) Improve energy efficiency: There is no better time than winter to improve energy efficiency in your home by adding insulation or replacing old windows on north facing sides of homes where heat loses the most. This allows homeowners who aren’t ready for full-scale renovations to still enjoy the benefits of home renovations.

8) Minimize home renovations costs: No one wants to spend too much money on home renovations, so keep in mind that you don’t always need to replace what’s already there. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are looking shabby consider painting them instead of purchasing new ones for a fresh look without all the cost.

9) Customize storage spaces: Multi-purpose building materials can be used as an option when it comes time for home renovations; try creating custom tile work around fireplaces or under staircases and use shelving between studs for display space or extra storage room throughout your home! With porcelain tiles available in many shapes and colors these days it is easy to create unique designs.

These are just a few examples. Need more? Talk to the North Vancouver home renovation experts at Lower Building Group!