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If you are planning to sell your home in the near future then certain home renovations will help to improve your home’s value and at the same time, draw attention of prospective buyer. Home renovations we will explore in the following sections will certainly increase your chances of quickly selling your home and that too for the right price.

Renovations That Boost Home’s Value

Renovations That Create Additional Square Footage

Plan a Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation: If a home offers extra space then prospective buyers are more interested in such home since they are always looking for additional square footage. One way of adding such extra space is through renovation of basement, which helps in addition of extra space in your home.

It is estimated that a finished basement can easily recoup as much as seventy percent of the expenditure you will have to make on such renovation and help to significantly boost value of your home. Needless to say, buyers will be much more interested in your property compared to other properties that do not have a renovated basement.

Renovations That Improve Curb Appeal

Focus on Landscaping | Replace Entry Door

Focus on Landscaping: Well planned renovations that improve curb appeal help to attract attention of prospects well before they enter the house. For instance, if the home is well landscaped then buyers will feel that you maintain your home in good condition and enhances marketability of your home.

Simple tasks carried out by experienced home renovators such as pruning shrubs, mowing the lawn, planting tress, applying mulch, etc. yield excellent return on investment, augment value of home, and increase chances of selling the home.

Replace Entry Door: Apart from paying attention to landscaping, you may well replace the entry door to have a new and sturdy steel door. This is another home renovation that will improve curb appeal of your home and consequently increase home’s value.

Statistics reveal that you will be able to easily recover seventy to ninety percent of the expenditure on new steel door when you sell the house. The aspects of steel doors that prospective buyers like are their low maintenance cost, high energy efficiency, and cold blocking features.

Thus, it can be expected that a buyer will be more inclined towards buying a house that has a steel door compared to one which doesn’t.

Renovations That Augment Style Quotient of Your Home

Change Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures | Replace Cabinet Fronts

Instead of a total overhaul, the aim should be to invest in simple as well as functional renovations that offer better return of investment and at the same time, help in boosting home’s value.

Replace Fixtures: This goal can be accomplished by changing fixtures and fittings in bathroom and kitchen. For example, you can have new faucets, pulls, and drawer knobs, which are in matching style. Such simple home renovations will provide your bathroom and kitchen a modern as well as cohesive look and feel.

Change Cabinet Fronts: Minor remodels performed by home renovators in North Vancouver such as replacing cabinet fronts and using updated styles like shaker cabinet fronts, which tend to be a lot more functional as well as trendy should be your main aim. Such minors remodels usually recover as much as seventy-five percent of the expenditure during house sale.


Finally, we can say that well planned home renovations play a major role in improving home’s value and increase its chances of getting sold.

Our experienced home renovators can guide you on renovations that will be appropriate for your home and positively influence its resale value. Call us today to setup an appointment!