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There are several instances where Home Renovations will be the right thing to do. Such home renovations will become necessary if you notice signs of damage or when you are planning to sell your home in the near future. Let us look at top reasons why you should invest time and effort into home renovations.

Top Reasons Behind Home Renovations

Reason #1: Preventing Damage

Home renovation becomes necessary when there are clear signs of damage such as:

A Damaged Roof: Roof may get damaged due to years of wear and tear (such as when there are roof constructed using asphalt shingle) or because of below standard roofing work during initial installation of the roof. Such roof damage can further deteriorate if neglected and may well negatively effect structural integrity of your home.

Experienced renovators will examine whether there is visible curl or crack in roof shingles, which will be a clear indication of damage to your roof. Likewise, if vinyl siding or paint starts chipping, then it will indicate likely roof damage and need to be investigated. Timely home renovation will help in fixing roof damage and prevent it from becoming a major issue.

Aging Foundation: Rust and termites are a clear sign of an aging foundation. In addition, rotting will be an issue that will be clearly visible on ceiling and floors, making it necessary to renovate your home on urgent basis.

Reason #2: Improving Resale Value

Renovating your home will also be the right thing to do when you are planning to sell it in near future. Let us look at some renovations that can improve your home’s curb appeal and its market value.

A Fresh Paint: Prospective buyers base their buying decision on how they perceive your home. A fresh cost of paint provides dramatic results and helps in improving first impression buyers get about your home.

Experienced home renovators in North Vancouver focus on using neutral colors while painting your home since such neutral colors help prospects easily conceptualize how they will be decorating the home after purchasing it.

Colors selected for this purpose include white and different gray tones to make things look interesting.

Improving Curb Appeal: Curb appeal plays a major role in enhancing value of your home when you plan to sell it. You can give a major boost to your home’s curb appeal through well-planned landscaping.

Similarly, if you replace that old garage door, it will significantly improve curb appeal of your home. Likewise, if the present exterior door is replaced with a steel door then it helps to improve security and increase value of your home.

Another home renovation that will catch attention of prospective buyers is presence of wooden deck instead of stairs that helps them reach your backyard. The resale value of home in North Vancouver will improve further when there is a wooden deck with stairs, bench, and different plant potters.

Lastly, having entryway with stone veneer is another way of enhancing curb appeal of your home. The good thing is that you cannot make out the difference between real stone and stone veneers, playing an important role in revamping old exterior of your home.


If you are planning home renovations, then give us a call. Our experienced home renovators will thoroughly examine your home and suggest renovations that will be provide the best results, both in terms of protecting your home and improving its value.