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When you are looking to build residential construction in the North Vancouver area, it can be hard to know where to start. There are many different options available on the market, but some of them might not suit your needs. Some residential construction companies will offer a free consultation with designers who have experience in residential design and building construction. If this is something that interests you, then contact us today!

Here are the current residential construction trends we are noticing:

1) More residential construction homes with multiple bathrooms

The reason for this residential construction trend is people are looking to build residential homes for families. Having more bathrooms allows them the convenience of having one bathroom per person, which saves time!

2) Touchless faucets

Demand has skyrocketed due to being hands free and germ free. Touchless faucets are a must have item!

3) Home Gyms

This residential construction trend is just another must have item for people to exercise at home. Now that Covid has limited gyms, make one in your home!

4) Open Concept Floor

This residential construction trend is a result of people wanting more room and light for their residential homes. Open concept floor plans provide that to them!

5) Colour

Bright bold colours are taking shape in residential homes. Try to add a touch of colour when you can!

6) Basement Renovations

The safe place for both work and play or just being lazy – it’s extra space we never thought of.

7) Built-in Storage

Closets, pantries you name it – residential construction is becoming more efficient with built-in spaces for storage as more people have less space, this makes the best room.

8) Outdoor Rooms

Hot! Outdoor room additions are exploding and can be used for entertainment and relaxation. Make it an office, use it for what you like – it’s an extra room.

Wrapping It Up

Residential construction companies offer free consultation services to their customers before they sign a contract.

The reason for residential construction companies offering their residential clients a free consultation is to gain trust from residential homeowners. The residential home builders want them to see what they can offer and how it will benefit the client before signing on the dotted line.

When you work with residential construction companies, they will often provide you with a list of recommended supplies that other homeowners in your area use for their home renovations. In addition, the referrals from those who’ve had residential building jobs done before can be

If you are interested in residential building, contact us today! We specialize in all things related to residential design and build. Don’t hire the rest, hire the acclaimed best. Lower Coast Building Group has all the experience and knowledge you need.