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This article will provide general contractors with information on what they build. A general contractor in North Vancouver builds many of the structures in your home and office, such as: kitchens, bathrooms, garages and more. We hope that this guide to general contracting can help you understand this profession better!

Residential Construction & Commercial Construction

Residential general contractors build homes. They can also work on commercial projects, such as office buildings and stores. Furthermore, general contractor’s may specialize in different areas of residential construction:

Framing a House

This includes constructing exterior walls and interior partitions. For example, framing a bathroom would be installing studs to support tiles or a shower enclosure.

Roofing a House

General contractors who specialize in roofing will ensure that a building’s waterproofing is up to code and quality. The general contractor may also install ventilation systems, gutters or skylights on residential homes. Commercial general contractors work on commercial buildings such as office complexes, stores and strip malls. They may specialize in a certain area of commercial general contracting:

  • Installing the electrical wiring and plumbing for an office space
  • Installing HVAC systems to keep a building’s temperature at optimal levels

The general contractor is responsible for ensuring that all materials are code compliant, as well as subcontracting out any specialty work such as flooring or roofing.

  • Kitchen renovation general contractors specialize in kitchen renovations, such as replacing cabinets and appliances. They also work on bathrooms to install fixtures like showers and toilets
  • Garage general contractors will build a garage for clients – installing the walls, doors, windows and ceiling beams of an attached or detached structure

There are general contractors who work for commercial builders, or general contractor’s that specialize in residential construction. A general contractor will manage subcontractors and is responsible for the overall quality of their workmanship.

Home Renovations

A general contractor may also specialize in home renovations. They will work with homeowners to decide what improvements are necessary, then oversee the renovation or building process. Some general contractors offer design services as well – they can create a plan for an entire house makeover! A general contractor’s scope of work is dependent on their specialty and any subcontractors who they call on.

  • A general contractor that specializes in home renovations will design and oversee the entire renovation process for homeowners, including:
  • Bathroom general contractors focus on transforming bathrooms into modern spaces with beautiful fixtures such as shower stalls and sinks. They may also install flooring or wall tiles to create a cohesive look throughout your bathroom space

Custom Homes

Some general contractors will build custom homes. This means that they work with the homeowner to plan out every aspect of their home building process, including picking which lot it is built on and designing its layout. A general contractor can also be hired by an architect or interior designer who wants to see a project come together from start-to-finish – whether it’s a renovation or a new home build.

Residential general contractors can also work on warehouse conversions, industrial renovations and more! A general contractor will oversee the entire construction process from start to finish making sure that each subcontractor is doing their job correctly and in accordance with code. They may hire other tradespeople such as electricians, plumbers, landscapers and general contractors.

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