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If you are looking for renovation or remodeling work but not sure how to find the right North Vancouver contractor then you need to go through the following details. Here, we will provide helpful tips on things you should do to find the right contractor for renovation work at your home.

Finding the Right North Vancouver Contractor

Evaluate Recommendations

Endorsement about a particular contractor from people you know such as neighbors, friends, and family members can assist you in making the right decision. In addition, you can also look for members of Building Industry and Land Development Association as well as other provincial and municipal trade associations who specialize in home renovations and repairs.

Check References

You will get good information about North Vancouver contractors from their former customers. As such, when you contact a contractor, ask for their customer list whom you can contact and check whether they are satisfied with contractor’s services.

Professional Qualification

Professional contractor should have:

Trade license in the field of building renovation or as sub-trade for construction such as insulation, plumbing, heating installation, etc.
Harmonized Sales Tax number or HST number.
Up to date worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

When the North Vancouver renovators provide license number, check validity of the same on the business license lookup site.

Review the Quotation

Few of the details to check in the quotation provided by North Vancouver contracting company include:

The quote is dated and in writing.
The quotation is clear and helps you clearly understand the overall price and expenditure to be made of each of the items to be used in renovation or remodeling work.
Clear payment terms.
A schedule that details work to be done with clearly highlighted beginning and completion dates.
HST number and HST amount.

Go Online

There are many well reputed online review sites that will give you details of complaints people have about a particular contractor. In addition, you can visit the website of Canadian Legal Information Institute. The site keeps a record of all the court proceedings taking place across Canada.

If the name of the contractor pop ups during your search then it will indicate that the person was involved in some court case and you will have to check the details of the case to decide whether it will be appropriate to hire the contractor.


As we can see, due diligence is very important when you plan to appoint a contractor for renovation or remodeling work at your home. By following the above tips you will know that the person you are hiring is the best person for the job.